Booking Through Thursday: Gluttony

May 14, 2009 at 1:53 am (Memes)

Book Gluttony! Are your eyes bigger than your book belly? Do you have a habit of buying up books far quicker than you could possibly read them? Have you had to curb your book buying habits until you can catch up with yourself? Or are you a controlled buyer, only purchasing books when you have run out of things to read?

I am indeed a book glutton. I do not often use the library nowadays, for reasons I may or may not discuss here one day, and if I want new reading material, I usually have to buy it. This is in part why I so often re-read books; I find myself out of unread books, or the ones I have don’t appeal to me at that precise moment. When I am at Powell’s and intend to buy, I usually find myself investing in $30-60 worth of books. That does not sound like much these days–particularly for those of us who can remember when a good-sized paperback was $3.99!–but I shop very carefully at Powell’s. If there is more than one used copy of a book, I go through every single one looking for the edition in the best shape with the lowest price. I also scan the dollar racks and sale racks for classic literature, excellent trash, or novelty books. When I have a gift certificate, I tend to buy a lot of historical non-fiction I think might come in handy, such as Life in a Medieval Castle or A History of Private Life II: Revelations of the Medieval World.

If I go to Goodwill, the book department is the first section I head for, looking to complete an author’s body of work, or to fill in holes in a series. I also pick up classic literature on the cheap, and look for books I’ve been recommended. And no, I never come home with fewer than five.

I’ve always been that way; when I was little, my mother had to institute a library limit. I was not allowed to have more than seven books checked out at a time from the public library. The problem was, I would wander ’round the library, building an enormous stack of books I wanted to read until I had a small mountain. And I could never keep track of them all, resulting in fines. Hence the limit. I think she lifted that about the time I was ten. I really never did learn to curb my appetite for books, though.



  1. Jo said,

    I’m still like that in the library! I end up getting out more than I can possibly read before they are due back!

  2. Dot said,

    I’m still like that in the library now, there’s so many to choose from and they are free!!

  3. rugelach said,

    Thank goodness for renewals, eh?!

  4. Violet said,

    I just went to a book fair last week and bought 16 books, but they were on sale, so i feel really happy that I could buy 16 books at the cost of 2 books. Library’s, I think, is the best way to limit spending after second hand ones.

  5. CJHill said,

    Wait! Goodwill sells books? Oh man, there’s a bit of information I truly didn’t need to have…

    Surprisingly, none of us has yet to admit to being a responsible book buyer. Imagine that!


  6. rugelach said,

    Violet: I find Library Book Sales excellent sources for inexpensive books, particularly out of print ones. I acquired an amazing folio-sized, illustrated Tom Jones at one. And on the last day, they always do bag sales!

    CJHill: Not just Goodwill, but Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul, too! The latter in my area has its own book annex, with clearance sales twice a year!

  7. gautami tripathy said,

    In India, library sales are not very common. And if they have any, they sell the battered outdated books!

    Book gluttons, are we?

  8. Marie Burton said,

    You are an excellent shopper.. so you are not as gluttonous as it would seem 🙂
    I of course buy cheap cheap but I am still a glutton!
    My post is up at The Burton Review.

  9. Jessica said,

    Some great ideas on how to buy books on a budget… great answer!

  10. Holly said,

    My TBR pile is huge, and new ones arrive every week, adding to it. And then, I have this habit of reserving too many books at the library and not having enough time to read them all before they need to go back. I’ve always been that way about the library though. And library sales? Love, love, love them.

  11. Matthew said,

    Proud to be one, but I try not to buy. I grab the ones that I’m most desperate to read and leave the rest on a list.

    My mother had to issue a bookstore/library time limit!

  12. Mish said,

    I have a weak spot for used bookstores.

  13. heidenkind said,

    I also use my library. A LOT. I go there so often the librarians recognize my name. When I tell them who I am, they’re like, “Oh, you’re that girl.” 😉

    Actually, my huge TBR pile does make me feel pressured. I think it’s partly the fact that it’s so unorganized.

  14. Vicki said,

    I’ve always got an idea what I’ll read next once I finish a book… but I still kinda like that choice. Nothing wrong with that!!

  15. Vicki said,

    I always kinda know what I’m going to read next once I finish a book … but I still kinda like that choice!

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