Monday: What are You Reading?

May 25, 2009 at 3:31 pm (Memes) ()


Last week I finished White Fang, Faerie Tale, and The Last Unicorn, all of which were sudden inspirational reads–you know, when you just have to read something, regardless of what you meant to read? I do that a lot.

I have also started both Waverley and Thérèse Raquin. I made an earlier, abortive attempt to read the former, but got no further than the first chapter. This time, it’s going much better; once the first five (short) chapters are forged through, it’s much easier going. As for the latter, I am still plugging through the Introduction, being pathologically unable to skip it in a critical edition. I have high hopes, though.I also read a story from Conan the Swordsman, a de Camp/Carter/Nyberg Conan effort, and will probably continue that.

The Secret History is still on my nightstand; every couple of days I pick it up and read a few pages. I have re-read it so many times that I don’t lose anything by reading it in fits and starts. Rather, I think it may enhance my appreciation of it, since I tend to just power through it in my excitement. This way, I can slow down and savor it again.

I may pick up The Art of Eating by MFK Fisher again this week; I keep looking at it–or rather, it keeps looking at me when I’m on my computer. Though I finished “How to Cook a Wolf,” there are still four more books in it for the reading. And Angela lent me her copy of The Outlandish Companion, which I really should read so that I can get it back to her.

We’ll see!



  1. J. Kaye said,

    I usually feel like that all the time. I am on a YA kick right now. 🙂 Can’t get enough.

  2. Maree said,

    I go through YA stages too … not at the moment, but I’m feeling one coming on soon

  3. Schatzi said,

    I go through YA phases a lot. I was thinking about reading some LM Momtgomery today, because I was dreaming about Magic for Marigold. How odd.

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