Something Blue

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Something Blue by Emily Giffin

Something Blue by Emily Giffin

Something Blue by Emily Giffin
St Martin’s Press, 1st edition, 2005
338 pages
chick lit, romance, pop lit, fiction lite

Synopsis & Review: Something Blue picks up where Something Borrowed left off: Darcy, Rachel, and Dex have all made their big reveals, leaving Dex and Rachel together, and Darcy with Marcus. Unfortunately for Darcy, her fairytale doesn’t work out this time. Marcus is patently uninterested in marriage and fatherhood, and gives Darcy her first dumping but good. Single and pregnant, Darcy is dumped by her other friends, too, as she begins to reap the shallowness she has sown. Desperate to start over, she flies to London to visit long-time friend Ethan, fantasizing about the lovely rich men she’ll meet in London, the ones who will take care of her and her baby forever. But when she tries to live out her fantasy of a glamorous life, Darcy is in for a rude awakening.

Again, a case of a promising premise (selfish, shallow twat gets her comeuppance and learns a lesson) that fizzles out. Though Darcy (unlike Rachel) does grow throughout the novel, it’s neither satisfying or realistic: all it requires is one lecture and feeling her baby move inside her, and she is a changed woman. Forever. Really? I find that notion patronizing and disturbing. It would have made for a better book if Darcy had to actually struggle with impending motherhood. Instead, Giffin once again cops out and hands Darcy a perfect life on a silver platter—without any authentic development. At least she dropped the present tense, though there’s still an excess of brand references. Oh, and did I mention how predictable it was, laden with cliche after cliche up to the very end? Even the title is a dead giveaway.

To be fair, she does a more than adequate job of putting us inside Darcy, and understanding her motivations and justifications. And like Something Borrowed, Something Blue is quickly-paced and will keep most people reading, despite the generally weak characters and poor plotting.

Cover: Baby blue with a gift for the i in “something.” The themed covers are getting too cute.

But I was no longer attached to someone and no longer in my comfort zone of Manhattan and the Hamptons, where I knew exactly what to expect at any bar, club, party, or gathering. Where I knew that no matter the venue, I could have a few drinks and I would not only be the most beautiful woman in the room (except for the one time that I hapepned to be at Lotus when Gisele Bundchen walked in), but usually the most scintillating too.

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