It’s Wednesday! What are you reading? (26 August)

August 26, 2009 at 3:30 pm (Memes)

on_mondaysI’m a couple of days behind this week, but it’s been a rough week for me. If you follow my work exploits over at the lol-iday inn, then you know what happened: I was robbed at knifepoint at work last Thursday night. As a consequence, I’ve been pretty stressed out and distracted, and well, just haven’t been reading or writing book reports much. However, I am doing rather better now, and hope to get caught up.

Last week saw posted book reports for A Night in Transylvania, Little Women, Little House in the Big Woods, and the splendid Captive Bride. Along with the latter two, I finished Farmer Boy–but have not yet started Little House on the Prairie.

I’ve got a lot of library books out right now, so I’ll be trying to restrain myself to finishing those before school starts in a few weeks. I picked Within the Hollow Crown back up at long last, and have made enormous progress.

In the realm of pleasant and exciting news, Jenny of the delightful Jenny’s Books passed a Zombie Chicken Award on to me! I’m super excited and pleased with myself (haha), and will be passing that along shortly. Jenny’s great; I love her blog, and you should check it out!

Stay tuned in!



  1. J. Kaye said,

    Carol Finch’s book sounds like a good one. I haven’t read anything like that in so long…too bad too.

  2. Jenny said,

    Schatzi, I’m so sorry. I hope you’re doing okay. A few years ago, my then-boyfriend and I were mugged by these three guys in the driveway of my home, and it’s hard to feel safe after something like that.

    Someone may have suggested this already, but – tell the story as many times as you can, out loud, to as many people as you can. It’s hard at first, and I know you don’t want to relive it, but telling the story a lot of times really does help to give you some distance.

  3. Schatzi said,

    Thank you, Jenny. I am doing much better this week than last.

    It is hard, but though I though that re-telling it over and over would be upsetting, I do feel some relief from it. I know that I will struggle with feeling unsafe and powerless for a long time, though.

    But I can’t let it give me bad book habits!

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