Read-a-Thon: Deep in the Heart of Jamestown

October 24, 2009 at 6:26 pm (24-Hour Read-a-Thon)

deweys readathonbutton I’m not quite as far into The Turn of the Screw as I had planned–it’s my busy time at work, and I’ve had a caller from Atlanta who defines loquacious (she was even describing her luggage to me in minute detail!)–but I am almost exactly halfway through. That means only 44 pages since my last update, but I shall prevail!

It’s a perfect autumnal read, and I wish I could be cozily enjoying it at home with the dark chill night outside! Thank you, all you lovely cheerleaders; it is so heartening to read your comments. And Laura, who is planning to pick up The Turn of the Screw, too: I hope you enjoy it as I have!

260 pages down, plenty to go



  1. stacybuckeye said,

    This one is on my wish list. Hope you like it.

  2. Les in NE said,

    The night is still young! Good luck with the rest of your challenge! I’m anxious to get back to my books. 🙂

  3. Bea said,

    The Turn of the Screw is short, but you must read it pacefully (is that even a word? is it so late I’m already making up words???). I mean, sloooowly, and enjoying every minute of it.

    Hope you’re having a nice time!

  4. Charlotte said,

    goodness–quite a change from Meet the Austins!

  5. Valerie said,

    You’re doing a good job so far, enjoy what’s left of the readathon!

  6. Sara said,

    Keep going! 🙂

  7. Miss Wisabus said,

    You’re doing great! I may have to go pick that one up myself.

  8. alisonwonderland said,

    Happy reading!

  9. Megan said,

    Bummer about the having to work. Glad to see the whole working thing isn’t keeping you down, though! =)

    Keep up the great reading!

  10. Edi said,

    Reading at work? Sounds like the best kind of gig!!

  11. Michelle said,

    Way to hang in there! Over halfway through – keep it up!

  12. Kristi said,

    The Turn of the Screw – I haven’t thought about that book in years and years! Good choice!

  13. Stormi said,

    Read on!

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