February 3, 2010 at 3:59 am (Current Events, Worth a Thousand Words)

Aloha, darlings!

I have been lax in my updates and posting so far this year, but I promise you that I have been reading and taking notes on everything that I read! (In fact, I can hardly just read a book without thinking about what I’ll be writing about it. I need to start writing things down, though, because I often forget. Especially when I’m drunk and reading. Argh.)

BUT! We just returned from our honeymoon in Hawai’i, and not only did I read some fun books there, but I also have some fun pictures of … LIBRARIES! Yeah, we toured some of the important Libraries I Have Known on our honeymoon. Cuz that’s how I roll.

So, look forward to my getting all caught up on reviews, and also library stories–and to leave you with something to reflect upon, here is part of what my wedding bouquet looked like, constructed out fo pages from my Jane Austen omnibus that tragically (and providentially) fell apart a few months ago:

Mostly pages from Pride & Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion, with a few from Northanger Abbey and a smattering of Sense & Sensibility. Learn to make your own at Offbeat Bride!



  1. Jenny said,

    Hey! Congratulations! And I love your wedding bouquet SO MUCH – I am not crafty at all and would surely make a mess if I tried to do this, so I find it extra impressive. 🙂

  2. alitareads said,

    Congrats! I hope the wedding & Hawaii were wonderful. I love that you visited libraries on your honeymoon 🙂 And love love love that bouquet!

  3. Schatzi said,

    Thank you, ladies! Though I had a lovely time (and may be persuaded to move back there), I am glad to be back at the grindstone.

    And making the flowers for the bouquet was actually super easy. The stems, on the other hand, not so much. Heh.

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