Worth a Thousand Words: requiescat in pace, Kitty Girl 1996-2010

March 28, 2010 at 7:52 pm (Worth a Thousand Words) ()

Kitty Girl

On Monday evening, I put my beloved companion of nearly fourteen years (about half my life) to sleep. When we came home from our honeymoon, Kitty Girl became ill, and was diagnosed with stage 4 CRF (chronic renal failure, aka kidney failure). We’ve spent the last month and a half hoping that she would plateau and spend many more months with us–or even years. But despite the dietary changes and the daily subcutaneous fluids, her condition gradually deteriorated until last Thursday, when her vet gave us a week, tops. We spent the weekend cuddling, eating salmon cream cheese and tuna, and saying goodbye, but due to her continued deterioration we had to take her in to be put to sleep Monday. It’s been a really rough week since then; I expect her to climb on me purring when I wake up in the mornings, or to be sitting on the toilet waiting for me to finish showering, or to start crinkling about on a nice piece of paper. There’s a furry pudding-shaped hole in my life.

demanding attention just before the wedding

I’m sorry to be a drag, but I wanted to say why I haven’t been posting recently, and also to be a bit self-indulgent by sharing her.I’ve spent countless hours lying in bed or on the couch with Kitty Girl, reading, and she was nearly always on my lap while I worked at my desk trying to get book reports posted. She also had a bizarre affinity for books, always rubbing her face on then, and sometimes making sweet, sweet love to them. I’ve mentioned her a time or two before.

interrupting my reading, late winter 2005

helping me at my desk circa spring 2005 (she was a butterball then)

helping with homework, spring 2006

chief librarian

she was just cute

I loved her little bunny feet

monopolizing the lap, late 2007

summer 2008

she didn't like to cuddle unless she was dominating a prone person

cuddling in bed from my blurry-eyed perspective, early 2009

/self-indulgent grieving

Time to get back to work.



  1. Jenny said,

    *hug* I am so, so, so sorry. It’s terrible losing a pet. Please don’t feel you’re not entitled to grieve! I was a wreck after my cat died (at age fourteen too, actually, and I’d had her since I was seven), and non-animal-people kept saying things like “It’s just a cat”. In retrospect this makes me stabby but at the time I felt terribly guilty. Take care of yourself. :(:(:(

  2. alitareads said,

    So sorry to hear about your kitty 😦 She sounds like she was a wonderful furry friend.

  3. Schatzi said,

    Thank you, ladies. It’s been a bit rough.

  4. Miss Moppet said,

    So sorry for your loss, Schatzi. What a beautiful kitty – your post is a lovely tribute.

  5. Sadako said,

    So sorry for your loss, dear. 😦

  6. Jany said,

    My heart goes out to you….your kitty looks similar to mine and I must say that the thought of losing him just wrecks me. I can’t imagine….I can’t even imagine….I’m so sorry.

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