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Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey

Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey

Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey
Originally published 1976
Bantam, 22nd printing, 1986
240 pages
Genre: science fiction, fantasy, young adult

Synopsis & Review: This is actually the second installment in the Harper Hall Trilogy. After the events of Dragonsong, Menolly of Half-Circle Sea Hold is taken to the Harper Craft Hall at Fort Hold as an apprentice. As Petiron’s lost apprentice, for whom harpers all over Pern had been assiduously searching, Menolly is welcomed by many. However, just as her own parents could not accept the notion of a girl harper, there are elements at the Harper Hall who would prefer that Menolly not be apprenticed. Resentments about her fair of nine firelizards cause Menolly some difficulties, with some people enchanted by the firelizards while others view them as noisy nuisances. Also troublesome is the antagonism of the Hall’s female students and their caretaker Dunca, who do their best to make Menolly miserable. But as Menolly proves her craft and skill to the masters and journeymen, she also gains friends and champions, such as the headwoman Silvina, the journeyman Sebell, the drudge Camo, and fellow apprentice Piemur. While learning the ways of the Harper Hall, Menolly must also come to term with her gifts, and accept her place in the Harper Hall and on Pern. click here for more about Dragonsinger


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Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey

Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey

Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey
Originally published 1968
DelRey, 24th printing, 1984
286 pages
Genre: science fiction, fantasy

Synopsis & Review: Long ago, a world called Pern was  settled by colonists who eventually lost all memory of their home planet, their origins disappearing into obscurity. Some time after settlement, the inhabitants of Pern discovered the Red Star, a erratic orbiting planet home to a parasitic lifeform which threatened Pern at Intervals of two hundred years. As the Red Star rained devastation down in the form of these lifeforms, or Threads, inhabitants of Pern developed winged, teleporting, fire-breathing dragons from an indigenous lifeform, and used them to combat Thread. During Threadfall, the dragon riders are revered, but during Intervals without danger dragonriders slide into disfavor.

The opening of Dragonflight finds Pern four hundred years into an Interval, and many believe the legendary Threads are just that—legends. Resentment has been building against the sole dragon Weyr left on Pern, as the dragonfolk are viewed as obsolete parasites. Benden Weyr’s Queen has hatched a queen egg, and the dragonriders Search for young women to Impress the new Queen. It is on this Search that bronze rider F’lar finds Lessa, the last of Ruathan Blood, a young woman who has schemed and bided her time seeking revenge for the destruction of her family. As she completes her revenge, F’lar convinces Lessa to come to Benden Weyr, where he is sure that she is the Werywoman Benden—and Pern—need. For the Red Star is again in the skies above Pern, and F’lar and others in the Weyr believe that Threadfall is once again imminent. Only, with just one Weyr left out of six, how will the dragonfolk protect Pern from her ancient enemy? click here to continue reading about Dragonflight

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