Gigi & Le chatte

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Gigi & Le chatte

Gigi & Le chatte

Gigi & Le chatte by Colette
Translated by Martin Senhouse  and Antonia White
Originally published 1933
Penguin Twentieth Century Classics, 14th printing, 1958
188 pages
Fiction, French

Synopsis & Review: In Gigi, Gilberte (the titular Gigi) is brought up be her like mother and Mamita, Madame Alvarez, women who do not marry, in the Belle Epoque. Gigi and her beloved Tonton–Gaston Lachaille, a very rich, very eligible young man–play cards and enjoy one another’s company, until Tonton’s status and Gigi’s reputation as a young woman come into play. In The Cat, a seductive yet despised young wife and her husband’s beloved Russian Blue battle for his affections. click for more on Gigi & Le chatte


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