Captive Bride

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Captive Bride by Carol Finch

Captive Bride by Carol Finch

Captive Bride by Carol Finch
Zebra Books, 1st printing, 1987
496 pages
Genre: Historical romance, total crap

Synopsis & Review: I’m going to have to just lift the back copy for this one, pardon me (read it aloud for the greatest effect)  …

Impetuous Rozalyn DuBois would have had nothing to do with that rogue Dominic Baudlair had she not sworn to her grandmother she had a fiance. Now, caught in a scheme of her own making, the feisty beauty had to pretend affection for the virile stranger. She truly detested how his sinewy arms embraced her and how he possessively pressed her close. In fact, the blue-eyed hellion hated him so much that she planned revenge on the domineering rakehell by deciding to trick him into falling madly in love with her–then to drop him cold!

Jet-haired Dominic couldn’t believe his fortune when that saucy minx begged him to act as her betrothed. it was even better luck that she didn’t know he was her father’s greatest rival in the fur trade. He’d delightedly plunder the provocative chit’s ample charms, undermining his enemy with each arousing caress. The warm and tender feelings that surged through him could never be more than desire. The cunning scoundrel vowed he’d be the richest trapper in the territory through Rozalyn … even if it meant first making her his sensual slave, and then claiming her as his

The fiery brilliance, vibrant colors, and radiant glow of the Zebra Hologram Heart was a shimmering reflection of Zebra’s guarantee to publish novels of consistent quality. I don’t know what level of quality those books were supposed to be, but Captive Bride leads me to believe that it was the quality of total crap. Read the rest of this entry »


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Ballerina by Edward Stewart

Ballerina by Edward Stewart

Ballerina by Edward Stewart
originally published 1978
Dell, 2nd printing, 1989
516 pages

Synopsis & Review: Stephanie Lang and Christine Avery meet during their auditions for the New York Ballet School, the toughest and most prestigious school of dance in the country. Both girls seek scholarships, Stephanie because she cannot afford tuition and Christine to prove to her wealthy parents that she can accomplish something on her own. Miraculously, both girls are accepted with scholarships, but Christine’s parents continue to refuse to let her dance. Despite her misgivings about Chris’ slight resemblance to her own daughter, and their equal but different talents, Anna has a soft spot for an aspiring dancer and, shocked at the Avery’s ignorance of their daughter’s talent and accomplishment, Steph’s mother Anna steps in, persuading Mrs Avery to let Chris attend the school. When Mrs Avery explains her concerns about Chris’ health—she suffers from a rare neurological condition—Anna promises to watch over her, swiftly calculating the difference in income she’d get for boarding the wealthy teenager.

The two fifteen year olds quickly become inseparable (is it realistic for dancers to drop out of high school? Because there is no further mention of any schooling for either girl.), giving each other feedback and tips as they study under Lvovna, even promising to refuse any job offers unless the other makes it, too. That chicken comes home to roost, however, after Chris’ disastrous recital and Steph’s promising one. Read the rest of this entry »

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